Simple question. In iWork's Numbers, is there any way to move a row of data between two rows, as opposed to just plopping it on top of existing data? You can easily do this in Excel if you hold down the Shift + Command key or some simliar combination when moving a row or even a group of rows.

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  1. Click and release in the column header

  2. Drag the column header. You'll see an insertion bar drawn between the destination columns.

enter image description here

You are probably moving the cursor over an edge of the selection rectangle until it turns into the hand and then dragging. That will replace the column you drag to.

enter image description here


Click on the row in which you want your copied or cut (moved) line to be placed and select "Insert" from the menu bar and select "Copied Rows"

For something similar to a key combo you may want to try the following

  1. Option ⌥ + on the row you want to move your info to.
  2. Command ⌘ + V to paste your info to the new row.

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