On most occasions, when I try to connect to a new wi-fi network, after I enter the password and click "Connect" the connection dialog says "Connection failed" after a little pause, but in fact the connection is established, the menubar widget displays the network and everything works normally.

Except the network is never saved to the list of known networks, so every time I have to enter the password again.

What may be the issue here?

OS X 10.7.3, Macbook Air 13" late-2011

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I had the same problem. I could connect although it said "connection failed." I observed that my network was also not in the preferred networks list. I resolved the problem in two steps. I manually entered my network's name and my networks password to keychain list. After that, in the system preferences advanced window, I manually added my network to the list of preferred networks by clicking on add button (+) and dragged it to the first line of the list. I hope this helps.


If you are experiencing this problem when your machine is coming out of sleep mode and/or after reboot you may want to try the following steps.

  1. Apply all available system and software updates
  2. Reset the WiFi Router
  3. Add a New Network Location

    • Renew DHCP Lease

The following link has an in depth article that may be helpful in resolving your issues. It was written when 10.7.2 was new, but I have tried this and found success with 10.7.3.

Still Having Lion Wi-Fi Problems?

  • @LeonidShevtsov Have you found out a solution for your wireless oddity?
    – E1Suave
    Commented May 16, 2012 at 17:08

Update: I never got it fixed in Lion, no matter what I did some networks were still failing. However, upgrading to Mountain Lion did fix the issue without any effort on my side.

So my suggestion/"answer" is to upgrade to Mountain Lion.

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