In my locale digits are represented like this: 100,90 (instead of 100.90 as in the USA), but, even using a PC keyboard, OS X 10.7 is replacing the . in the numpad with a , via software

This is REALLY annoying, for example:

  • I type IP address: 192,168,1,1

  • I type terminal commands: ,/myscript.sh and so on

How I could swap the , for a . but only on the numpad?

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    You really need to let us know what you are actually using for us to help. Any additional hardware/OS level information would be most usful.
    – stuffe
    Apr 20, 2012 at 10:08

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This thread on superuser discusses a similar problem. The accepted answer points to this key mapping program which you may find meets your needs.

The other, more robust but slightly more complex solution, would be to create your own custom keyboard layout using Ukelele. You can then install your custom layout in your ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts folder, and activate it using the System Preferences -> International pane. (the best way to use Ukelele is to duplicate your existing Turkish keyboard layout file and modify just the single key in question).

As a fast solution, and if you don't mind changing other keys on the keyboard, you could use the International pane to switch to a US keyboard layout.

  • Love it! Found my exact case in the keyremap4macbook! It means I am not the only one with this weird mapping problem - Apple should listen to users... Apr 20, 2012 at 13:34

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