I'm looking for a piece of software that is a tracking studio, that allows you to use your keyboard to perform at least piano parts, or at best, any instrument.

Needless to say I mean keyboard as in my QWERTY keyboard I'm typing into right now. MIDI support is optional, but probably already there on any piece of software like this.

I've used LMMS in the past, which (aside from the hard coded AZERTY input method) was a wonderfully simple program that offered plenty of high-end VSTs and features to grow into.


You have this in GarageBand. Keyboard mapping.

alt text

If you decide, one day, to link a midi keayboard, the only thing you need is the Midi to USB cable. Nothing else.

  • Oh snap, how could I have forgotten that garageband DOES have this feature? Thanks for the reminder! – Jason Salaz Dec 13 '10 at 19:41

Give Renoise a try — it's keyboard-centric, and supports VST and AU.

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