Preferably Wirelessly. Any apps for that?

Obviously I'm talking about the more recent iOS powered little black box AppleTV, not the original model.

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As far as I know AppleTV has no capabilities for this. What I've done is simply to take a photo of the TV screen.


After some quick Googling I found these steps:

  • Jailbreak
  • Install aTV Flash (black)
  • Install nitoTV
  • Install 'screencapture' (through nitoTV)
  • SSH in: ssh [email protected] (or ssh root@ipaddress, e.g. ssh [email protected])
  • At this point typing in screencapture SHOULD save Screenshot.png to root. If it does not you may need to change ownership on root via: chown mobile:staff ./

Obviously less than ideal, but possible.

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