Is there any iOS map app that works completely without WiFi/3G connection and supports (at a minimum) viewing your current location (on GPS-equipped iOS devices) and searching for an address? My intended use case scenario is mostly navigating around on foot in a foreign city.

I tried Navfree but it seems to require a data connection to search for an address (and is also mostly meant for car navigation). I didn't try Galileo yet, but the website only mentions “online search” for the free version; it's not clear whether the paid version features offline search.

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MapsWithMe does that. Available for iPhone/iPad and Android. MapsWithMe Pro for iPhone has offline search. Not an address search though, i.e. you can search for a street, city, restaurant or POI, but not for city+street or street+POI.


To answer the first part of your question; yes, there is an app which will provide you with offline maps.

There is OpenMaps (my favorite). Here you can download your maps online (when you're at home) and when you're offline, you can make a route to a pinpoint you've created. It will calculate the route by itself. And it's free too.

And, if you've jailbroken your iPhone, you can install Offline Maps. Which will pretty much to the same as OpenMaps.

  • As you say you're only answering the first part of my question, does that mean OpenMaps doesn't have a search feature or requires a data connection for it to work? Edit: ah, never mind, I see the iTunes store page says “Features: Search online for a location.”
    – Rinzwind
    Apr 13, 2012 at 11:01

Thanks to the answers to this question and related questions on this site, I found and wound up trying three different offline map apps which also support offline search. All three offer the basic features of downloading maps for a certain region, viewing your current location and searching for nearby street names and points of interest. In addition, OffMaps 2 and City Maps 2Go also feature downloadable Wikipedia articles for the points of interest on each map. Offmaps 2 can also show a public transport network overlay on top of the regular map.

  • MapsWithMe Pro: €3.99 for the app, no extra charges per map.
  • OffMaps 2: €0.79 for the app, includes 2 free maps; €0.79 per pack of 3 extra maps or €4.99 for unlimited maps. Each map includes Wikipedia articles (optional download) and a public transport overlay.
  • City Maps 2Go: €1.59 for the app, no extra charges per map. Enabling the Wikipedia articles download option is an additional one-time €2.39 charge. (*)

Based upon first impressions, the one I would recommend is City Maps 2Go. The public transport overlay of OffMaps 2 is an interesting additional feature, but I prefer City Maps 2Go's cleaner interface. I also already experienced several app crashes with OffMaps 2. MapsWithMe Pro seems comparatively expensive.

(*) The app appears to be designed to charge a separate fee for enabling this option for each map, but currently has an “Introduction offer: buy ‘Wiki Plus’ now and you will get lifetime, global, unlimited download rights.”

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