I'm looking for a very simple app to allow me to track my time on particular user-defined projects or tasks.

However, my requirement is slightly different to those in questions such as Is there a good time automatic time tracking tool for Mac OS X as I don't need something that will automatically track my time spent in particular applications such as Time Sink or Time Track Pro. Rather, what I want to be able to do in a rough "must have" to "nice to have" order is:

  • Add user-defined projects/tasks to a list each with its own timer
  • Manually start and stop project/task timers as I switch projects
  • Idle timer to stop recording activity if I leave the computer for a period of time
  • Access the app from the menubar (ability to hide dock icon would be a bonus too)
  • Create subtasks from the main project/task

So, apologies in advance for the following, but in my head the interface might look something like the following, but again I'm totally open to suggestions:

Project          Time
Project X        0:32   <Start/Stop Button>
Project Y        4:00   <Start/Stop Button>
Project Z        1:25    
    Subtask 1    1:00   <Start/Stop Button>
    Subtask 2    0:25   <Start/Stop Button>

For example, Harvest looks perfect for what I need, apart from the fact that there's a $12 per month cost. I'm not against paying for an application, but I'd like to avoid ongoing charges if possible.

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In the end, I found Timecop that does almost everything I wanted: simple project tracking with a variety of configurable reports spanning days, weeks, or months.

enter image description here

Honourable mentions go to Tictoc which does a very similar job to Timecop, and Timing (which also has a free, Lite version). Timing is different in that its a "traditional" application tracker, however, you can create custom projects and drag applications into them, right down to the document level. So you can attribute different documents in a single app to different projects, which is great if you're working on two different projects in Xcode, for example.


I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but it looks like On The Job is the application you are looking for. It will cost you money as well, but a one time license will provide you with a full version.

Another (paying) app is Office Time. Great in syncing with multiple platforms (PC, Mac, and iOS) and does a job similar to On The Job, mentioned above.

I can think of a third application which will suit your needs, but I can't remember the name. I'll keep thinking and upate my answer as soon as I know it!

  • Thanks! Yes, thats the sort of thing I'm after, but perhaps those "enterprise class" apps are a bit overkill for what I need. As its just for my personal projects, I probably won't need all the billing and invoicing features - but they do have task timers and I'm happy to take all suggestions nonetheless :)
    – binarybob
    Apr 10, 2012 at 9:54

I would check out TSheets time tracker. They have a free single user account, it is simple to set up with your job codes and click back and forth between projects, and although they have an extensive list of time tracking features you can customize your account to be as basic as you'd like. I have been very pleased with this company.


I use hr - Task Timer which is very similar to Timecop and Tictoc, but free.


On the Job is good but lacks reporting. Trying Officetime now and it looks like exactly what I need for non-billing time tracking. Super simple, inexpensive and has reporting.

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    This is a bit vague, could you add more information?
    – Rob
    Feb 18, 2014 at 7:52

Here's another option: Toggl. They offer free and paid plans.

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