I am looking for a way to check the current health of a battery for iOS devices, similar to how coconutBattery works for OS X.

How can I check the battery health for an iOS device?

  • This is now part of ios 11 (finally) – bmike Apr 1 '18 at 1:36
  • Now that this is an official part of iOS 11, bmike's answer be marked as the accepted answer. – Stevoisiak May 21 '18 at 13:32

From a computer you could install coconutBattery, from version 3.2 it supports downloading and monitoring iOS device's battery health.

coconutBattery showing iOS battery health

Another option (partially working on iOS 11, i'm expecting it to be removed, because it uses restricted API) is Battery Life.

Old answer, reported not working on iOS 8 and above: Found an easier way. Jailbreak your phone and install BatteryInfo Lite. It's a free, ad-sponsored application. Tested on iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4 and iPad and it works. BatteryInfo Lite provides the following useful information:

  • Temperature
  • Capacity (current, design, maximum)
  • Charge Level
  • Cycle count
  • Voltage
  • BootVoltage
  • Battery Serial number
  • Model number

Here is a screenshot of the application running on my iPhone 4.

BatteryInfo Lite screenshot

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  • Doesn't seem to work on iOS 8.1.1 - does anyone have an alternative? – Colin Dec 22 '14 at 6:21
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    @Colin try coconutBattery 3.2 - works like a charm. – mspasov Mar 5 '15 at 10:32
  • @mspasov If the old application no longer works, the updated recommendation should be moved to the start of your answer. – Stevoisiak Jan 18 '18 at 19:01

There are apps that you can use to assess battery health, but I recommend a Mac/PC app called iBackupBot. Tether your device (non-jailbroken works) to your computer, navigate to the lower left window pane, select the device, and click the link for ‘More Informations’. The top portion of the resulting window will look something like this:

iBackupBot iPad2,6 Battery

From Check iPad iPhone battery charge cycle count without jailbreaking - iCopyBot:

  1. Connect your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to computer, then launch iBackupBot.
  2. Select your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch in Devices window, then click More Informations in right side window
  3. iBackupBot will pop up a window to show many informations about your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, include the battery charge cycle count, battery campacity and more

The best iOS app I have used to provide this info is BatteryLogger Plus. However, it requires a jailbreak. Non-JB apps seem to provide optimal operating information, but not cycle count information. This may be a function of App Store limitations, which is why BatteryLogger Plus is a Cydia store app instead.

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Apple has an official tool as part of iOS 11.3 in the settings app:

Many people had strong opinions on power throttling in iOS and excellent technical details are in this link.

Tap the settings app and then scroll up the list so you can see and select the Battery item (above Privacy and below Emergency SOS) and then select Battery Health:

It says this feature is Beta but it seems quite accurate on several devices I have tested with various aged batteries and overall performance that I subjectively have measured.

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  • And since this is part of the official OS - it should put an end to all the attempts for apps on the store to duplicate this now built in feature. Most of them were pulled very quickly after they enter the store should they make it past review in the first place. – bmike Mar 31 '18 at 1:43

This app does not require a jailbreak: batterylifeapp.com

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I've found a regular App Store app (doesn't require jailbreak) that does all of this: Battery Health.

It's not free, but for what it's worth...

Update: This app has been removed by Apple.

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  • Hmm, how did they manage to get it past App Store reviews.. – mspasov Jan 24 '16 at 12:51
  • Not available in Dutch Store. – Pro Backup Dec 14 '16 at 19:46

Yes, many apps can check the battery status, I use Battery Doctor.

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    Welcome to Ask Different! Please add a link to the app you suggest in your response and if you are in any way related to it, please disclose it. Thanks! – Tetsujin Jun 25 '15 at 7:15
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    In my humble opinion Battery Doctor does absolutely nothing. Tells me nothing I didn't already know, shows no meaningful information. Just a bunch of pretty graphics and animations. I don't get how they get 5,000 5 star reviews... – ldoogy Nov 12 '15 at 4:23

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