In iBooks, we can see a list of our highlighting and added notes to an ebook, but when we email it, so as to keep a copy for ourselves, only the added notes that we wrote is emailed. The highlighting is not.

Is there a way to keep a copy of what we highlighted as well? We can take a snapshot of the iPad screen, but that's a photo instead of text.

There is also a "Print" option, although I don't have any printer linked up for the iPad to use. Can that Print option print highlighting, or print it as a PDF doc? Or any other possible way to keep a copy of our highlighting and notes?


Can I print my books and PDFs from iBooks?

Yes, you can print PDFs and notes you've entered from iBooks, but the option to print ePub books is not available.2 You can also email PDFs and notes you have written from iBooks.

Can I highlight text and make notes?

iBooks includes built-in Highlight and Note features. Highlight any word or passage of text within a book. You can also create a Note from your highlighted selection. Review your Highlights and Notes by tapping the Table of Contents button and then tapping Bookmarks. Highlights and Notes appear in their own section under Bookmarks.

source: apple support page Doesn't seem to be a straight yes/no answer for printing of the highlighted area, but you can turn a highlighted area into a note, which will print/email.

  • In my case, the "export" button is disabled, and I can't export the notes :( Oct 15 '12 at 17:48

Using iBooks 3.0 and iOS6 , you can share annotations to Facebook (if that’s a problem, configure access to be private-only). This gives you an archive of all notes… on Facebook.

Not a good solution but still usable.

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