If yes, how?

If no, why such a decision?

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According to Apple Support:

If the iPod nano is paused, and you press the Sleep/Wake button to turn off the screen, the following behavior will take place:

  • For 36 hours after pressing the Sleep/Wake button and turning off the screen, iPod nano is in Standby, and will quickly wake up when you press the Sleep/Wake button again.

  • After 36 hours in Standby with no activity, iPod nano will shut down automatically. Pressing the Sleep/Wake button after iPod nano is shut down will turn on iPod nano, and boot to the main Home screen. (Your iPod nano is considered paused if there is no music or FM radio playback, or an active pedometer session.)

Additional Information

  • A fully charged iPod nano provides up to 24 hours of music playback time.

Press all together in this order -Vol button, then Sleep button, then +Vol button and then hold (so your fingers should not let go of the -Vol when you press the Sleep button) until diagnostics screen, you'll see a teletype sorta menu select standby with the sleep button it will put the nano it sleep but wake up reset

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