I only know about this:

defaults write com.apple.finder DesktopViewOptions -dict IconSize -integer 188x188px.; killall Finder’

But it’s only for the Desktop…


Open a Finder window in Icon mode (⌘1), then click Show View Options (in the View menu, or ⌘J). Make the changes you want, then click the Use as Defaults button at the bottom of the panel to make it stick for all folders.

Finder View Options

  • I am trying this for list view. It didnt work for me. I did it in one folder. But then it shows same size on other folders. – Sanjay Vamja Feb 17 at 6:54

How about Finder > View > Show View Options > Icon Size?

(I'm not 100% sure about the naming as I don't have a Mac currently with me...)


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