Could you please tell me how I can keep whatever apps I download to one of my iPads from downloading to the other iPad? Thank you very much for your help. NOTE: I am disabled, so the easiest answer, the better. Again, thank you.

  • iPad 1, 64 GB, WiFi-only
  • iPad 2, 64 GB, 3G and WiFi

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On your iPad device tap on Settings > Store. Under where it says Automatic Downloads, make sure that Apps is set to Off. This setting keeps apps from automatically downloading new purchases made on other devices.

  • It's that easy? Wow! No connecting to a computer? Thank you so much, Bryan. Apr 20, 2012 at 1:43

Connect your iPad to your computer, go to iTunes, select your iPad in the column on the left side. Click apps in the top bar, and deselect "synchronize apps". Do that for every iPad.

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