A classmate asked me if the US MacBook Pro adapters are usable in the Bahamas. It boils down to the type of electricity and outlets there, but being that I have no clue, I'm asking here.

Does a USA compatible MacBook Pro adapter require an adapter for the Bahamas?


According to these guys, anything that works in the US should work in the Bahamas.

Voltage: 110-120 Volts (Same as U.S./Canada, most other areas are 220-240 Volts)

Primary Socket Types: North American Non-Grounded , North American Grounded

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No you do not need a power adapter. All you might need is round pin socket plug or a universal plug because US uses flat pins and many countries have a round pin.

I have used my MacBook in places like Mexico, India, and China without any power adapter where the AC voltage was 220V.

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