I looked at Sticky Keys in settings but it only stays down for one keystroke, I want to keep the modifier keys held down.

Basically, I want to toggle modifier keys on and off like how caps lock works.

For instance, if I press Cmd then it stays pressed down on macOS (toggled on), so if I press a letter like H after that, it does Cmd+H, and if I press Cmd again then the key will stop being held (toggled off). I really wanna try this out because it actually takes a split second longer to press hotkeys with modifiers because you have to make sure the modifier(s) are held down before pressing non-modifier keys.

I'd also like to use Esc to toggle off all modifiers, after using hotkeys with multiple modifiers.

  • I think it can be done by using some sort of modifier keys tap to detect modifier keys, then intercept the keys and send the modifier+X events
    – hym3242
    Commented Jun 30 at 15:33


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