I often receive links to sharepoint files, which look like this: https://myCo.sharepoint.com/:p:/r/sites/myFolder/Shared%20Documents/myPresentationFile.pptx?d=somestring&csf=1&web=1&e=bxsaTa

I typically save them in webloc files, so I can open the shared version (and not a copy on my machine). However, double clicking on the webloc file will open the web version of the application (Microsoft Word, Excel etc) and not the desktop application. Importantly, the exact same link, when present in Microsoft Outlook, Teams etc. will open in the desktop application, as it is possible in those applications to set the default method to open links (browser vs. desktop).

In summary, my question is: is it possible to open a Microsoft Sharepoint link, saved in a webloc file, directly in the desktop application and not in the web application?


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