I recently updated iTerm and played a bit with its settings and some other CLI tools. The end result is that iTerm decorates each command with a "hot box" that consents to select the command and generate smart links. This is an example

I would like to remove this behaviour: any idea?

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    Welcome to Ask Different. Your macOS version probably isn’t important but the exact version and build of iterm might be good to edit in - there have been a fork or two in that program so people might be disinclined to offer an answer if you’re on a different version than their experience.
    – bmike
    Commented Jun 26 at 13:03

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From the iTerm2 3.5.0 Change log:

  • You can click a command to select it. Search, Filter, and Select All will then be restricted to the selected command. You can disable this feature in Settings > General > Selection.

Uncheck "Clicking on a command selects it to restrict Find and Filter"

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