I'm trying to send audio to a Blackhole virtual audio device so that I can record it in OBS without hearing it play through my laptop speakers.

I've tried various CLI tools at this stage, ffplay, sox, mpv, and others. I can specify the Blackhole audio device, and it works and shows it is playing through that virtual device in OBS, but it always, always plays through the default device also.

If I set the Blackhole device as my default audio device, I hear nothing. But when my internal speakers are the default and I play something through Blackhole, it comes through the speakers also.

I don't want to leave Blackhole as the default audio device as it would mean I would not hear anything. My goal is to be able to play audio through to OBS without hearing it through my desktop speakers, while still retaining the ability to play stuff through my desktop speakers, and for this Blackhole is needed.

Software versions I am using are:

OBS - 30.1.2

MacOS - 14.5

Blackhole - 0.6.0

An example of a command I might use to test putting out audio to Blackhole and seeing if it shows up in OBS is:

mpv --audio-device='coreaudio\Blackhole 2ch' file.mp3

I've used equivilant commands with ffplay, mplayer and sox, so I don't think the player is the issue here.

The Blackhole documentation refers to accessing the "Audio Midi Setup" configuration if you have the intention to create an aggregate device, however I have not done so as that is the exact oppisite of what I want to accomplish. I want to play audio to the Blackhole device without any other audio being mixed in.

What further steps could I take to troubleshoot this issue?

Edit: My 'Audio Midi Setup' configuration is as follows:

'MacBook Pro Microphone' - 1 in / 0 outs
'MacBook Pro Speakers' - 0 ins / 2 outs
'BlackHole 2ch' - 2 ins / 2 outs
  • Can you post your "audio midi setup" configuration? And the exact version strings of your macOS, OBS, and mpv?
    – hym3242
    Commented Jun 8 at 15:24
  • 1
    @hym3242 macOS version is 14.5, OBS version is 30.1.2, mpv version is the newest I assume as I Installed via homebrew for the first time yesterday. It can't be anything to do with the player I use as I've used at least 5 to test. It's definitely an issue of Blackhole blending with the default audio by default. The "audio midi setup" config is just to make an aggregate device, and that's the opposite of what I want to do. I don't currently have any aggregate devices setup. Commented Jun 8 at 21:41
  • Thank you. But I just want to see what your current audio routing setup is in the "audio midi setup"
    – hym3242
    Commented Jun 9 at 4:45
  • @hym3242 it's just the default setup, but I've added details into my question. Commented Jun 9 at 14:04
  • I think this might be solvable by creating a multi-output device in Audio Midi Setup, then ticking the outputs you want in the configuration window (which also orders them by priority). Commented Jun 9 at 22:24


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