The screen in my MB Pro 16 2023 needed to be replaced. When I got my mac back, the MacOS 14.5 menu bar was half its normal size, as in the pic. It was a bit puzzling but I liked it, since it made the usable part of my screen larger. Unfortunately, the menu bar went back to its normal size (going around the notch) after a restart. How can I shrink it back?

enter image description here

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    To digress: I really want to trigger this anomaly programmically on my computer, is it possible?
    – hym3242
    Commented Jun 8 at 15:40

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There is an option in System Settings > Accessibility > Displays to set the size of the text in the menubar; but not the size of the menu itself.

I can only guess that this was some anomaly of an incorrect screen size or scaling after the screen replacement, which was then corrected after a restart.

You could try changing the display scaling towards "More Space", to see if that gives you the effect you're looking for.

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