I have a MacBook Pro, M1 Pro with macOS 14.5. It randomly triggers the sleep mode in loop. When it does, I can see the following logs:

Entering DarkWake state due to 'Thermal Emergency Sleep'
<PMCallback> System Will Sleep
PMRD: sleep reason Thermal Emergency Sleep
Entering Sleep state due to 'Thermal Emergency Sleep'
[SMC: ermalPressureCC.cpp:113] SMC Thermal pressure initiated Sleep
PMRD: Thermal overtemp message received!

The problem will presist after I restart, even in Safe Mode. I must shutdown the system and close the lid for a minute to have it back to normal.

I'm trying to resolve the issue with Apple's customer service but so far, they only asked me to resintall my system from scratch which didn't help.

  • Looks like a bad temperature sensor is giving spurious data. If reinstalling the OS was no help, it must be a HW problem.
    – IconDaemon
    Commented May 27 at 13:55


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