I’m in the process of putting windows 7 on my late 2009 iMac. I’ve been working on this for a few days now. I couldn’t just use the normal Bootcamp assistant because of hardware issues and ended up having to do a work around untill I found this post

Which exact Windows 7 ISO is required for Boot Camp v6.1.0 on macOS High Sierra? Mid 2010 MBP

I followed all of David’s steps and got to after creating the manual partition using Disk Utility. After that I put in the Windows disc and support, reset the Mac held option and the Bootcamp/windows start up didn’t show up. Only the macOS and a recovery option.

I tried going through Disk Start up but the Bootcamp partition still doesn’t show up. It said something went wrong during the partitioning process but I didn’t see what exactly it was. I’m not sure where to go from here.

Some quick side notes: being this iMac is a late 27in model with a built in disk drive Bootcamp assistant will only work with a physical Windows disk and not an ISO on a flash drive.

But it being from 2009 the disk drive is kaput so… I got an external disc drive and burned Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 to the disk. After that I tried to run Bootcamp Assistant again and it wouldn’t recognize the disk at all.

So I decided to follow the instructions in the post. Now, I have a partition and don’t know what to do to fix it. How do I revert my partitioning?

  • Ah I see well I appreciate you getting back to me on this. There’s another way I saw to download windows completely manually so I will try that. I just didn’t want to spend along time in command prompt haha.
    – Chap
    Commented Apr 27 at 5:02
  • So, can I assume you no longer have a question? I thought you might be asking how to undo what you have done so far. Otherwise, there are other answers posted here at Ask Different for installing Windows 7 without using a DVD. Commented Apr 27 at 5:18
  • Actually yes I would like to know how to revert my partitioning please and thank you.
    – Chap
    Commented Apr 27 at 5:22
  • Yes I saw your instructions on how to install windows without DVD or Flash drive. I’m probably going to have to go that route, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to since it’s quite a process. However I’m willing to take the time to do it.
    – Chap
    Commented Apr 27 at 5:25
  • Are you are referring to this answer. I ask because there are other newer answers which are much simpler to implement. Also, that answer does not include how to get updating to work. Also, have you considered installing a newer Windows? Commented Apr 27 at 6:56

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My instructions did not explicitly state the optical drive needs to be internal. I did not feel this was necessary, because the question referred to " a Mid 2010 MacBook Pro (which has an optical drive)". I assumed that the internal optical drive was working. I have now edited my answer and replaced "optical" with "internal optical".

Evidentially, your Mac's internal optical drive does not work and the Mac Startup Manager does not seem to recognize your external optical drive for the purpose of booting. So, although you state you followed my instructions, failure can almost assuredly be attributed to the lack of working internal optical drive.

You can use the Disk Utility to revert the partitioning. Instead of adding a partition, you need to subtract the partition named BOOTCAMP.

Since you never booted from the Windows 7 installer, you probably never used gdisk64.exe. If you did hybrid partition by using gdisk64.exe (or the Mac equivalent gdisk), then the entries to undo this are given in the first column of the table below.

Entry Type Comment
x Command Goto extra functionality menu
n Command Create a new protective MBR
w Command Write table to disk and exit
y Parameter Do you want to proceed?

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