I have a Safari window on my Mac with multiple tabs. If I press Command-W or click the red Close button instead of pressing Command-Q, the next time I click the Safari icon in the Dock, the tabs are lost. (Yes, I can restore them by clicking "History" > "Reopen Last Closed window" or "Reopen All Windows from Last Session", but this is too easy to forget when I'm in a hurry, which is my usual state.)

Is there a way (using Automator, Shortcuts, or something else) to automatically quit Safari (as if I've pressed Command-Q) once I press Command-W or click the red button? So that I don't lose tabs anymore.

edit: Sorry, I need to correct my question. I don't need to quit Safari when I press Command-W (because Command-W is normally used to close the current tab, and I don't want to change this behavior, of course). I only need to quit Safari when I click the red Close button.

  • The tabs are lost because you closed them before [or instead of] quitting. You need to learn to Quit instead. There's no workaround for that other than the one you already have.
    – Tetsujin
    Commented Apr 6 at 7:00

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I use the utility app Swift Quit for this. It can be set to quit all or a subset of applications when the last window is closed. I use it to quit several but not all apps.

Thus for your use case this would only work if you are closing the last Safari window.

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