In the Office365 web calendar, when I cancel a meeting I've scheduled I can add a message to explain why.

Does anyone know how to do this is the macOS native calendar app please? I can delete the event fine, but can't figure out any way to provide an explanation to attendees of why I'm cancelling at the same time like I can on the web.

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Unfortunately, this feature is not available on Mac Mail. It could be speculated that since Microsoft “grew up” in corporate whereas Macs are traditionally personal devices (maybe some small business), a feature like this is a natural outgrowth of Outlook as it evolves.

I know from personal experience that canceling a meeting of more than 10 people, attaching a cancellation message was critical. Before this feature existed, I had to manually create an email message to send to attendees.

You should provide product feedback/new feature request to Apple at https://www.apple.com/feedback/calendar/

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