I have an old MacBook Pro that I found laying about my house and it is specifically a MacBookPro9,2. I am aware that I can upgrade the RAM to 16GB DDR3 and that I can convert the hard drive to SSD; but I am wondering if there are other parts of the laptop that I can upgrade like the CPU, fan, or something of that nature if at all possible.

If someone could shed some light on this, I would be grateful.

  • The only Macs with changeable CPUs are desktop Mac Pros.
    – benwiggy
    Mar 10 at 15:31

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No, you’re not able to upgrade the CPU as it is soldered to the main logic board. You can see it in photo (red box).

Mid-2012 MacBook Pro Unibody (MacBookPro9,2) mid 2012, MacBook Pro unibody logic board

Mid-2012 Retina (MacBookPro10,1) Mid-2012 MacBook Pro logic board

Images sourced, from iFixit.com

Do you want to upgrade the processor, then you must change the entire main logic board.

The fan is a standard laptop fan; I don't believe that there is a more "performance" version for this component.

The SSD is upgradeable in the non-retina models. It uses a 2.5” “laptop” drive. Since it’s SATA, any aftermarket 2.5” SSD will work. The Retina model uses a proprietary M.2 connector. Technically it’s upgradable, however, being proprietary, you’re limited to used/salvaged SSD modules; aftermarket SSDs are generally not available.

RAM is not soldered on the mid 2012 MacBooks; it can be upgraded to 16GB RAM. See, the post What is the maximum RAM size for MacBook Pro Mid 2012? for more details. RAM is soldered on to the logic board on the Retina models. It is not upgradable.


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