I use the Notes app for keeping track and sharing the extended notes with fellow physicians in cardiology studies. There are a lot of pros to this app and I would find it very much useful if I could insert pictures into specific areas within Notes. (a video would make it even better). How is it possible to customize this for a such purpose and is there an alternative to this solution?


The iOS Notes app is not able to insert pictures. At best it will paste a url to an image.

I suggest you use another note app such as Evernote or Notability.

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You could just wait for the next iPhone update. While it's not guaranteed to have the ability to add photos, I believe it's likely that it will have the ability to do so. That's because one of the new features in Mountain Lion is a Notes app which synchronizes with iCloud, and one of it's features is adding pictures to notes:

Notes in OS X Mountain Lion is designed for whatever’s on your mind. Think it up. Jot it down. Make it even more noteworthy with photos, images, and attachments.

Notes on OS X Mountain Lion

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That was one of the things I also noticed and found a bit strange - therefore, I developed the app My Photo Note.

You can let the app set a link of your photo note into the iPhone calendar - tapping the link will open up the photo note in My Photo Note.

My Photo Note is also not free ($1.99 for the full version), but you can try the lite version for free: My Photo Note

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You cannot add pictures to the Notes app at present. NoteMaster is a paid app that lets you add images and make pretty notes easily. Some of the other features include:

  • rich text
  • sync with Google docs
  • create and manage lists & to-dos

It isn't free though, and costs $3.99.

There are a bazillion note-taking apps out there that are better than the default — it's almost like the "Hello world" of apps, and this article reviews 100 of them!

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iLA is a brilliant tool designed for notes, project planning, deep learning, collaborating , brainstorming and the like. Of course you can insert pictures in card, make notes to card, create stack from cards (categorizing), and make a desktop of one topic. Sharing knowledge becomes extremely easy and fun!

It is available on Apple Appstore from this link.

Also "Individual Learning Tool," the book about iLA, is available on iBookStore for free.

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Use Evernote that is the best note taking website/app

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