If I want to revert macOS settings or maybe to fix some of its bugs, I may decide to create a new user profile.

My name is John and the name of my user profile folder is just that, john. That is, when creating a new user profile, I have two options:

  • to give its folder a different name (e.g., johndoe),
  • or get the old name of the user profile folder using a temporary user profile, that is, to create john123, log in, delete john, create fresh new john, log in into john, delete john123.

Is there a more straighforward way?

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User and directory names need to be unique, so you can‘t work around all the hassles here.

I probably would just create an additional admin account and use this to delete and recreate john whenever the need arises. Basically your second option, without the deletion of john123 at the end.

If shell scripts are a thing for you, you could also automate the recreation by creating a shell script to do so, and run this from john123.

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