I do some simple app management for a couple of not-for-profits and charities. They don't have much of an IT setup with business emails so I use my personal email and Apple ID.

My Apple ID is the Account Holder for one organisation developer account and I want to add another (i.e. the organisation doesn't yet have an Apple Developer account and I will enrol for them). When I click enroll at https://developer.apple.com/programs/enroll/, I'm met with this message:

Sorry, you can’t enroll at this time.

Your Apple ID is already associated with the Account Holder of a membership.

I just want to confirm that I would have to create a new Apple ID for each organisation that I want to create an Apple Developer account for. Or is there another way that doesn't require me to manage multiple Apple IDs?

  • Are you planning on individual memberships for each organization or organizational accounts? Why do they need their own Developer account?
    – bmike
    Commented Feb 2 at 15:18

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One Apple ID can participate as a developer and many other roles in multiple organizations.

Multiple organizations can not have the same primary Apple ID.

This is by design for only the account holder role and unlikely to change IMO.

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