My office uses a software suite created by an independent developer called Microsoft.

An app within this suite keeps adding itself to my Ventura 13 startup items. I neither asked for nor approved this system-level change on my Mac.

I previously solved this with another app in the same suite by opening the app, then changing some settings in the applications preferences; however, this "SharePoint" app can not be found in the apps folder or by using the Spotlight search tool on the Mac. Additionally, I can not see that the app has ever started, disallowing me to access it as an open app.

Apple usually does a very good job of controlling renegade developers like this—at least offering tools to allow users like us to exercise our choice—but this one has me confounded.

Does anyone know how to prevent the addition of Microsoft SharePoint to our LogIn items?

  • "...independent developer called Microsoft." lol - I found in this Microsoft Answers posting that Sharepoint is an app within the OneDrive app (OneDrive > Contents ...). See Paul_065's comment. Apparently, you aren't the only one who finds this unnecessary. There seems no way around it being added to Login Items.
    – IconDaemon
    Jan 26 at 14:32
  • Excellent @IconDaemon . You got one step farther than me in figuring this out. From what I can see on that thread is that no one has found a way to stop this company from actively annoying users and doing what probably violates the Apple Developer's agreement. Who do they think they are?
    – Parapluie
    Jan 26 at 18:09

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OneDrive is the application that keeps adding another hidden app to your Login Items1. May I suggest reporting this to Apple. The more people who report it, the more likely Apple is to pressure Microsoft into changing this behaviour.

  1. Obtain OneDrive from the App Store [if not done so already - e.g. OneDrive was originally installed outside the App Store]
  2. Log in to https://reportaproblem.apple.com using the same Apple ID you "purchased" OneDrive with
  3. Choose "Report offensive, illegal or abusive content" from the I'd like to menu (in case that sounds a bit extreme, it's the correct category for privacy concerns)
  4. Politely but firmly express your privacy concerns with a piece of software repeatedly adding another hidden piece of software to your login items

Reporting privacy concerns with OneDrive to Apple


1: You can find the original app for any login item by right-clicking it and choosing "Show in Finder" Finding the location of a Login Item by right-clicking

  • Most excellent, Matthew. Appreciating your guidance! I was finally able to report my issue today. We shall see where it goes.
    – Parapluie
    May 16 at 17:21

Microsoft's SharePoint app is contained within the OneDrive app's container, and is loaded into Login Items without the expected user control or authorization. Whether or not this violates Apple's Developer agreement is beyond the scope of this answer.

There are several ways one can attempt to control this behavior. I have not tried any of these methods because, fortunately, I do not need to use OneDrive nor SharePoint.

  1. Delete the SharePoint app from within OneDrive app container and replace it with an identically named file (perhaps a text file) and then lock the file from modification with the Finder's Get Info GUI.

  2. Remove the ability for the SharePoint app to be executed by using the Terminal command chmod and remove the execute flag.

  3. Execute chflags uchg on the SharePoint app. You may need root or superuser access.

Note: executing any of the previous commands on preventing SharePoint from loading into Login Items may break OneDrive, or prevent OneDrive from being updated. Experiment at your own risk.

Lastly, just live with it in Login Items and move on.

You could also email Bill Gates here: [email protected]

  • Thanks @IconDaemon for assembling these strategies. I will attempt them on Monday and update you with my progress (or notify you of our success). N.B.: Attempts to contact gatesfoundation.org representatives have as yet gone unanswered. These companies seem entirely unrelated. Are you sure this is the customer service contact?
    – Parapluie
    Jan 27 at 20:11
  • 😎 • Bill Gates never picks up the phone. His voicemail box has been full for many years.
    – IconDaemon
    Jan 28 at 0:58
  • 1
    I tried all of these methods (using a controlled experiment methodology), plus a few more permutations of the file permissions. In every case, altering any aspect of the file resulted in an error message upon startup, and the failure of OneDrive to start: "OneDrive can't start//There's a problem with the application files. Please download the application on this computer and try again." I didn't realise that this Gates was the dev hisself: That's pretty typical behaviour from that sort. I will notify our large institution's IT of the potential privacy leak. Not much else to do.
    – Parapluie
    Jan 30 at 14:00
  • My comments about Gates were a joke, Parapluie. He's the founder of Microsoft and no longer has direct dealings with the company, being a multi-billionaire with hundreds of minions to run the company. I hope you figure this out this problem, but sometimes, the only option is to throw up your hands and move on.
    – IconDaemon
    Jan 30 at 14:34

This is very annoying for me too. I may try altering the OneDrive client using a script as described above. For my solution, I created an AppleScript that I put in my Login Items to clean up after Microsoft. Feedback welcome via GitHub.


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