This is literally the same question as iOS 16 - has anything been updated that would remove compatibility to Mojave? just with 16 updated to 17. IMO the two should remain separate questions.

Similarly to how Reminders was 'upgraded' at iOS 13 - see Old reminders are gone from macOS 10.14.6
Has there been any further significant compatibility change in iOS 17?

Background: My phone is new, my Mac is old. My main workhorse Mac must remain on Mojave to retain compatibility to a significant amount of pro audio gear which will no longer function in Catalina or newer. I will not be replacing this rig until absolutely forced. An iOS update doesn't qualify as sufficient 'force'.
If there are show-stopping incompatibilities I will let the phone OS fall behind too.

I have no use for Reminders, so this didn't prevent my updating to iOS 13 at the time.

  • Yea, I would have stayed on iOS 16 myself (my Mac are both Monterey) except for the remote exploit Apple isn't patching in iOS 16 for phones that can run iOS 17. I spent an hour or so going through all the new iOS 17 idiocies and disabling what I could, but you can't lose the disaster they made out of the Phone and Contacts apps. Jan 24 at 14:59


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