I have a Custom Keychain configured in the Keychain Access app:

Screenshot of Keychain Access with home keychain highlighted

I'd like to find where that file is on disk. I've poked around the app but I can't find a way to resolve that keychain to its location on disk. It's definitely not found in the default location ~/Library/Keychains.

I searched around online, including this Apple article, but I haven't yet found a way to resolve that keychain to its location.

To be sure, that file exists in multiple locations on my system, so I need to determine precisely which one the keychain is relying on.

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While I was typing up the question, it occurred to me that the security CLI application might help, and indeed it does:

 ~ @ security help | grep keychains
    list-keychains                       Display or manipulate the keychain search list.
    create-keychain                      Create keychains and add them to the search list.
    delete-keychain                      Delete keychains and remove them from the search list.
    dump-keychain                        Dump the contents of one or more keychains.

And simply running the list-keychains command gave me exactly what I needed:

 ~ @ security list-keychains

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