After upgrading to macOS Sonoma, I can't see the yellow insertion point against the white background in Pages.

Is there a way to adjust or override the accent color of individual apps?

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Yes. The accent color and, by extension, the color of the insertion point can be adjusted on a per-app basis by assigning a value to the AppleAccentColor preferences key within the application's preferences domain.

The available accent colors are identified by an integer value as follows:

Color Value
Red 0
Orange 1
Yellow 2
Green 3
Blue 4
Violet 5
Magenta 6

For Pages, the domain would be com.apple.iWork.Pages, so setting the accent color to the standard system blue would be done by using the defaults Terminal command below:

defaults write com.apple.iWork.Pages AppleAccentColor -integer 4

To revert the change use the delete option:

defaults delete com.apple.iWork.Pages AppleAccentColor
  • You can use defaults write -app Pages if you don't know what the domain name is.
    – benwiggy
    Feb 10 at 21:06

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