Problem: I want to run a Shortcut from the command line that outputs a list of reminders that have a specific tag e.g. shortcuts run ReminderTag <<< "myTag". However, I'm unable to figure out how to setup the Shortcut inside of the Shortcut app to accept input from the command line.

From this previous post it seems that there is indeed a way to get pass in commandline arguments but I'm not sure which Action I should be using inside of the Shortcut I am creating to accept this.

I've currently tried

  • Shortcut Input but that doesn't have any options for text input
  • Ask Each Time but this bring up a prompt despite me passing in arguments from the command line
  • I've also found an alternate syntax for passing in arguments echo "myTag" | shortcuts run ReminderTag -i - but this also brings up the prompt

Question: What Action should I use inside of the Shortcut app to accept command line arguments?


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