I would like to show in the iPhone status bar the bluetooth headset and battery status icons. The icons provide an easy visual confirmation that the headset is connected/disconnected, and the visual measure of the amount of charge left in the headset battery.

They used to look like this:

old iphone status bar ok

Now they are missing:

new iphone status bar not ok


  • I have iPhone 15, running iOS 17.1.1.

  • I am aware of this trick to show these icons: swipe from top right corner to show the control center, which shows the BT headset and battery icon (see below). But I need these icons to show on my home screen in the status bar.

control center status bar ok

  • I am not asking: "Why did Apple design it this way?". I just want the easiest workaround for the missing icons.

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Apple doesn't provide a way to modify the system status bar at the time of writing.

A helpful workaround I've found useful is to display the battery status on the lock screen or home screen as a widget. Seeing the widget every time I go to unlock my phone seems to be sufficient for me to keep an eye on my earbuds battery:

The batteries widget on the iOS lock screen

After adding the widget, press on it again to reveal options to change the device shown on the widget.

A similar widget is available for the home screen too if that's more convenient: Preview of the batteries widget on the iOS home screen

The batteries widget should work with any Bluetooth device that reports its battery status, not just connected Apple devices.


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