How can I make the (Chrome-based) Arc browser handle mailto: links by opening a Gmail compose view?

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  1. Log into Gmail at least once from the current space/browser profile.
  2. In the URL bar, type chrome://settings.
  3. Navigate to Privacy and security > Site settings.
  4. Under Permissions, click on Additional permissions.
  5. Click Protocol handlers.
  6. Next to mail.google.com, click the three-dot menu () and select Set as default.

When you click your next mailto: link, a Gmail compose view will open within a few seconds.


I had to go a bit deeper to get this working. TLDR:

  1. Open up a Gmail tab
  2. Open JS console (cmd-opt-j on Mac, ctrl-shift-j on Windows)
  3. Enter:
    navigator.registerProtocolHandler("mailto", "https://mail.google.com/mail/?extsrc=mailto&url=%s", "Gmail");
  4. Accept the confirmation from the browser
  5. Try a mailto: link and see if it worked!

For some reason, the Protocol handlers setting page always showed Gmail as a disabled handler. Even when I removed it and went back to Gmail, Arc wouldn't ask - it was just set as disabled again.

After removing from Arc again, following those instructions worked for me.

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    I needed to remove Gmail from arc://settings/handlers first before running this code snippet. It worked, but it's kind of weird. It doesn't show me my own (the sender's) email (I have multiple Gmail accounts logged in). It also doesn't open in an already open gmail tab, but I guess that's asking too much.
    – HappyFace
    Jan 14 at 12:57

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