When using an external Bluetooth keyboard (Logitech MX Keys Mini) with my iPhone (15 Pro Max running the latest iOS 17), I am unable to use the app switcher with the Cmd+Tab keyboard shortcut. Nothing happens. Other keyboard shortcuts like Cmd+H for Home work fine, and the keyboard is definitely in Mac mode not PC mode so I can be sure Cmd is mapping and not being used as Opt, etc.

If I turn on the full keyboard access in Accessibility I am able to define various keyboard shortcuts, including one for the App Switcher. If I manually set this to Cmd+Tab it works fine, but obviously I have all the other things that go with using full keyboard access like having elements highlighted, etc, as well as switching on dozens of other shortcuts that I am not interested in using.

So I can rule in the keyboard working correctly, and the keys being mapped correctly, but am not able to access the app switcher via keyboard unless I specifically map it via Accessibility workarounds.

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In Settings, go to Accessibility > Keyboards > Full Keyboard Access > Commands

You will see the App Switcher shortcut has changed to Fn+.

The Fn key on the MX Mini does something else, so this will now only work if set to Cmd+Tab.

While you’re there, change “Touch” under the gestures section to “Enter”.

Hope this helps!

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