I have a recent MacBook Pro that was running OS X 10.6 but was recently updated to 10.7. My work email switched from Gmail to Exchange and they said to use the built-in Mail app. Overall, I like it, but I can't figure out how to see my drafts folder. According to the help, it only shows up if I have something in it, but I tried composing a message and saving it, and I still don't see my drafts folder in my list of folders. What am I supposed to do about this?

  • Which version of Exchange, it's pretty important to know the version and how the Exchange account is set up in Mail. – Stu Wilson Mar 28 '12 at 20:29

I fixed this issue by restarting Mail. I have no idea why the drafts folder wasn't showing up before.


This is a setting in Mail preferences. Go to Preferences > Accounts > (account) > Mailbox Behaviors and enable Drafts. preferences

If that doesn't work, show the Favorites Bar (View > Show Favorites Bar) and Drafts should be an option. Click it. favorites bar


I just tried it with an Exchange account in Mail app with Mac OS 10.7.3. I got this when I save the message :

Saving message Then I find it in the Draft folder (which were not here before) :

Draft folder appears

Did you try to quit Mail after you saved your message then reopen again ? Check that you have this option enabled in your account preferences too :

enter image description here

Otherwise it could be an Exchange issue.

Hope this helps !


Same deal - I had the same issue then resolved by creating a new message, closing the message out, then saving it as a Draft. Magically my draft folder appeared. Problem solved. Not a great user experience though!


Right Click -> Get Account Info->Drafts-Show Messages

You will be able to see drafts folder thereafter .



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