I'm trying to recover files from my mom's mac that is not working. It's a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015).

Trying to boot it up results in the folder with a question mark. Trying to boot into single user mode also shows that result.

I've booted it into recovery mode. Earlier I was able to access the files using apfs unlock "Macintosh HD" and then I could copy them out. However, the last time I was trying to copy them out, I hit control C because it files I didn't want and the computer crashed. I will definitely not try to cancel the process again. Now I'm having trouble accessing the files again.

DiskRepair Utility enter image description here Repairing says it was successful but I still can't access. Also my hard drive used to show 121GB but now its only 60GB.

Here are the results of different commands

diskutil apfs list

No APFS Containers found

diskutil list internal

/dev/disk20 (internal, physical):
0:           *60.7GB disk20

diskutil list enter image description here enter image description here

gpt -r show /dev/disk20

gpt show: unable to open device '/dev/disk20': Input/output error

fsck_apfs -n /dev/disk20

fd_dev_read:380: blknum 0x0 size 128, error 5 dev_name = rdisk20

enter image description here

I've tried using target disk mode with a firewire cable but did not see the mac when doing that. I just want to copy the files out onto an external hard drive I have. I really really could use help doing this. My mom didn't make any backups.


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