I last signed in to iCloud weeks ago, got the code, and logged in. Recently, I got this warning that too many codes have been sent but I haven't even tried once. I've waited more than 8 hours according to the other post on this subject. Let me be very clear: I did not press to resend the code and I'm now locked. I even tried the code from weeks ago and that doesn't work.

Screenshot of iCloud's error message 'Too many verification codes have been sent. Enter the last code you received or try again later.'

There is nothing I can do here

Screenshot of iCloud's options upon clicking on 'Didn't get a verification code?' The options are 'Resend Code', 'Call Me', and 'More Options...'

I'm accessing iCloud from my browser, I no longer use an iPhone. What do I do?

  • Do you have a phone number? Texts or voice calls aren't limited to iPhones. Commented Sep 17, 2023 at 3:50
  • @DavidRecallsMonica ofcourse I do, this 65 are the last digits of that phone number, and the code I get is through that phone number. It isn't sending the code so the number doesn't do me much.
    – Mubashir
    Commented Sep 17, 2023 at 23:45

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If you are facing this anomaly, the way I solved it was by submitting an account recovery request (request to change my phone number). That process will take 2 weeks.

After the waiting period, I got an email with a go ahead to change my phone number within a week. However, the link from the email took me to a change password page which was confusing. I tried to login and this time apple was able to send a code to my old phone number. With that working, there was no longer a need to change the phone number. I made no login attempts for 3 weeks.

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