I'm reading too many conflicting things about this, so I'm asking here in the hopes to get a reasonably current, informed answer/solution.

I have an original iPhone SE an I love it. It's the perfect phone for my needs, in every way. I don't want anything bigger, I don't need anything faster. I also absolutely do not want to update to any iOS newer than what I currently run, which is 14.8.1. (Please don't try to convince me otherwise or lecture me on why one should always keep their phone updated etc. I am comfortable with what I'm doing and it's my choice to make.)

Over time, my phone performance has degraded. I know this isn't the hardware's fault per se, I've been on the same OS for ages and have just watched it gradually get slower, and less stable. I would like to wipe and restore it, in order to "clear out" any cruft that has built up over all these years. But, I need to be certain that the OS won't be upgraded and I'm not sure if that's possible, and if it is possible then how to do so.

Is there any possible way I can wipe and restore my phone, without upgrading to a newer OS? And if so, how?


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There IS in fact a way to do this VERY EASILY. The answer is to just reset from within the phone itself (Settings > General > Erase All Content and Settings) as demonstrated in this video.

I did this and everything restored from my iCloud backup perfectly, and I'm still on my same iOS. The phone feels much more responsive now.

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