In order to get a useful DNS over TLS server configuration on macOS, I imported a network profile. After having installed this network configuration file, I did not see any new entry in the Network Settings graphical user interface. Only in the terminal, I can see it seems to be active:

profiles list
[user[1] attribute: profileIdentifier: com.quad9.tsecuredecs.HASH]
There are 1 user configuration profiles installed for 'user'.

In all tutorials on how to remove custom Network profiles, I see it appears in the GUI (for example Can't delete NextDNS profile from macOS Network Preferences). But in mine, there is nothing else than the default ones.

Screenshot of Network settings showing only Wi-Fi, ProtonVPN, an Bluetooth PAN services

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    Profiles are in System Preferences [Settings, Ventura] > Profiles. if you have no profiles this won't be visible.
    – Tetsujin
    Sep 11, 2023 at 16:44

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I found the answer, inspired by stackexchange:

In the System Preferences GUI, the network configuration profile does not appear under "Network" but under "User profiles" - see screenshot. screenshot


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