I am unable to use any AppleScript click at functionality:

    tell application "Finder"
    end tell

    tell application "System Events"
        tell application process "Finder"
            click at {500, 500}
        end tell
    end tell

System Event keyboard keys, menus and windows are working fine but for click at I get the error:

System Events got an error: AppleEvent timed out.

Makes no difference if I use tell application process "Finder" or not.

I have Script Editor and System Events added and enabled in Privacy & Security > Accessibility.

I see there is an Automation tab, but I see no way to add anything there.

I can't find current instructions for Ventura to set up System Event mouse input. Everything on the subject doesn't match my Settings such as:

I think it must be a setting because what I'm trying to accomplish is very much known to work.


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