Have the strangest issue on my computer. Let's say I go to Spotlight and search "ABC" -- it displays the results from the search I made previous. So now if I reopen Spotlight and search "XYZ", it will display the results for "ABC" -- this is consistent and happens every time, even after rebooting.

I've tried the reindexing of Spotlight instructions. No change.

If I search in Finder, I get the proper results for all searches.

Any ideas?

Running iMac Pro with MacOS Ventura.

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I would recommend deleting the Spotlight Cache:

Enter the following command in Terminal: sudo mdutil -E /

Press ⏎ Return.

You'll be prompted for your password. Enter it and press ⏎ Return again.

This command will erase the Spotlight index for your main drive. Spotlight will then start reindexing, which might take some time.

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