In another question I asked, Graeme suggested using alternatives like Skype instead of FaceTime for its support for audio-only calls.

Skype has the advantage of being cross-platform, but is there a way in which I could actually make Skype auto-login when my iPad starts, and keep it running continuously like FaceTime? Or is this functionality restricted to in-built apps only?


Skype is a VOIP app so it is in the class of apps that actually do run in the background. However you need to start it manually. There's no facility in iOS to start a non-Apple app every time the device starts.

  • Thanks for the answer, Adam. Is there no way even after jailbreaking? – Hippo Mar 28 '12 at 3:15
  • There may well be but I'm not knowledgable about jail breaking. A quick google suggests it is very likely. – Adam Eberbach Mar 28 '12 at 3:19

Auto-launch app: To use the features of the External Accessory framework, you must add ExternalAccessory.framework to your Xcode project and waitting for Accessory send RequestAppLaunch IAP2 control message, but it needed a Accessory with MFi.

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