I don't have permission to edit the hosts file, even if I use sudo and turn off SIP.

I use sudo vim /etc/hosts to open the hosts file. After entering :wq!, it shows:

"hosts" E212: Can't open file for writing

like I am not using sudo.

I also tried using sudo nano /etc/hosts and it said:

[ Cannot open file for writing: Operation not permitted ]

Then I try sudo chflags nouchg /etc/hosts, but it makes no change.

BTW, inside the Finder, there is a lock in the lower-left corner of the hosts file. I try to change the lock status in Get info but the lock icon is not clickable.


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After I enter sysctl kern.securelevel and sudo chflags noschg /etc/hosts, the schg flag of the hosts file has magically disappeared. Now it is editable!

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