I had downloaded some extensions like Competitive Programming Calendars on my Chrome. So I prefer to use the Safari and I wanted to know if I could import the exact same extension to Safari? And if there is any link to that calendar extension to the Apple Calendar?

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In a word, no.

Safari Extensions and Chrome Extensions are designed for two different web browsers. Just like you can't (natively) run a Mac app on Windows or Linux, you can't run a Chrome Extension on Safari.

Some developers write extensions for multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) but they must be written for the browser they run in. Which is why browser extensions that have versions for each browser have different versions for each browser.

One thing of note here is the browser extensions are usually not specific to Windows/Mac/Linux. So if you see a browser extension you used on Chrome on a PC you can still use it on Chrome on the Mac.


Apple has made converting a Chrome extension to Safari possible as of Big Sur. It requires their developer tools (Xcode) and Terminal use.

See the article Converting a web extension for Safari.

And see How to Convert Chrome Extension to Safari on Mac? for a walkthrough.

The converted extension may or may not work (after all, it's an automated code conversion from one platform to another, so results will vary).

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