System: iOS 16.5.1, iPhone 14 pro max.

I noticed I can share to other browsers (chrome, Firefox) from the share menu but there is not an option for safari.

For example I might tap a link in google maps which opens in a modal embedded browser. The only way I’ve figured out how to get that page into a regular safari tab is to:

  1. Tap share icon
  2. copy the url to clipboard
  3. Switch app to safari
  4. Tap tabs icon
  5. Tap +
  6. Tap the address bar to focus it
  7. Double tap the address bar to get the textbox context menu
  8. If I’m lucky, paste and go is an option, otherwise I have to paste then tap go as a separate step.

So that’s 8 or 9 interactions compared to the 2 needed to open something in chrome or Firefox. Is there a way to get safari into the share list? Or is there a more efficient way for me to open stuff from other apps in safari?

  • When I open a webpage in Google maps (or most apps that don't switch to Safari automatically) on iOS 16 I get a Safari button in the bottom right. What does it look like for you?
    – Andreas
    Dec 19, 2023 at 13:06

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Most apps provide an Open Link option, however for one that specifically opens in Safari and is available even when apps don't provide it you have two options.

Option 1: Create a shortcut. In the Shortcuts app, create a shortcut. In the shortcut details, select "Show in Share Sheet" then set it to receive "URLs" and add a single action "Open URLs" to open the "Shortcut Input."

Option 2 ($2): Opener from the App Store. website. This App provides "Open In..." functionality to many targets, not just Safari.

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