Is there a way (Apple Shortcuts or other) to have a command that will launch the Notes app on macOS and open separate windows for multiple of your favorite notes?

Use Case: I would like to have 3 separate notes open that I'm working on, and have them positioned nicely on the screen. At the end of the day I close them all... and then tomorrow press a button to open all 3 notes again and restore them to their positions. (Restoring window position is a nice to have... I'm mostly concerned with being able to open up multiple Notes in separate windows at the touch of a button.)

I don't even really care which language... could be Apple Shortcuts, AppleScript, or even Python. (Maybe one of these jumps out as the path of least resistance?)

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The following AppleScript will basically open three different existing notes (individually named "Note 1", "Note 2" and "Note 3" - rename them to the name of your notes) in three different windows:

tell application "Notes"
    open note named "Note 1"
    open note named "Note 2"
    open note named "Note 3"
end tell

You could even make a shortcut (in the Shortcuts app) that runs the above AppleScript. To do this, you have to make a shortcut in your Mac's Shortcuts app, add the "Run AppleScript" action and paste the above script. This shortcut could then be ran easily, as explained in Run a shortcut while working on your Mac.

  • But that creates new notes. As I described in my use case section, I want to be able to re-open 3 existing notes in separate windows. (Like when you double click on note in the list view of the app... it opens that note in a separate window that you can position and resize.) Jul 11 at 18:42
  • @JasonParker Oh. I've modified the script. Now it opens notes from their names. There is a command open note named which does that. ;)
    – Thinkr
    Jul 12 at 8:44

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