On the Desktop version of Safari, you can navigate back and forward with a swipe gesture on the trackpad. Setting up other gestures (close tab, new tab, next/previous tab) is trivial with an app like BetterTouchTool.

I find myself trying to use these gestures, especially the swipes for back and forward, on my iPad (third generation).
Is there any way to enable gestures for Safari on the iPad?

I realize that the answer is probably no; Apple isn't much for hidden features/preferences in iOS and there are no BTT equivalents. So, I'm willing to explore alternatives. Are there any other web browsers for iPad, preferably as similar to Safari as possible, that support gestures?

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Yes - Dolphin Browser supports gestures. So do Atomic Web Browser and Perfect Web Browser.

As you correctly realised the answer is no for Safari, unless you count the four-finger swipe up to get to the current app list, and other system gestures.


There are a few Cydia packages which modify Safari to enable gestures and fullscreen mode. I have used "Fullscreen for Safari" which kind of works but is buggy with the debug console enabled (and the swipes are also buggy) on my iPad3.

I have also tried "Swipe Safari" now and it is far superior to the other one, though I think it costs more. It gives you a lot of options in terms of gestures (one, two, three finger swipes, pulling, multi taps, tap and hold)


Safari for iPad does not support multi-touch gestures beyond those you mention, and there is no additional way to configure it to do so.

It looks like the following browsers offer muti-touch gestures, and might fit your needs:


only way to get gestures, download manager and other cool thinks on you iOS safari is by jailbreaking.

these are the tweaks which will do a magic for you -sleipinzer for safari -swipesafari -fullscreen safari -safari download manager

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