I know on iPad you can press and hold the new tab button to re-open recently closed tabs, but is there any similar functionality on an iPod/iPhone?

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Hate to provide what is effectively a 1 word answer, but no.

Because iPhone Safari does not use tabs, the shortcut/gesture is missing. Going into the 'other pages' screen and tapping and holding all over yeilds nothing. Simply not available using Safari.

You may have more luck with a 3rd party browser if it's an important bit of functionality to have.

  • Alright, that's what I thought. Problem is all the 3rd party browsers are rated 18+, but I'll have to look into that.
    – penguinrob
    Mar 26, 2012 at 22:21

You cannot reopen the last closed page Safari iOS iPhone/iPod directly.

But you can still use the history to retrieve recently visited pages.

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