Some of the apps, which come with MacOS, are really big and I don't use them.

Can I simply delete them with "Command" + "Del" like normal files?

Just in case one would need them later: Can they become re-installed via AppStore or do I have to set the whole system back the factory settings?


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Can I simply delete them with "Command" + "Del" like normal files?


Can they become re-installed via AppStore […] ?

Yes, but...

Only some built-in apps can be deleted and re-installed.

You can delete them from Finder (as well as by other means) using different methods (including the one you have described - which actually moves the app file to the trash).

To delete apps (including some built-in apps), take a look at Uninstall apps on your Mac - Apple Support:

screenshot taken on macOS Ventura of Launchpad when trying to delete Keynote

Note : As mentioned above, some built-in apps cannot be deleted (such as Photos, Mail, Notes, Messages, TextEdit, Music, etc.) because they are an intrinsic part of the OS.

Download originally built-in apps from the App Store

Only some of the originally built-in apps can be found in the App Store. These apps are and can be downloaded at:

Additional info - Use AppCleaner (freeware)

Thanks to @Tetsujin for this suggestion.

Built-in apps may have lots of files ("extras") that can take a lot of space on your Mac and that are not deleted when deleting the app alone. This is the case of GarageBand for example:

screenshot taken on macOS Mojave showing GarageBand "extra" files volume

By default, built-in apps are protected by the system and therefore are not deletable. To make them deletable, you need to open AppCleaner's preferences and, under General, untick the "Protect default OS X / macOS apps" option:

screenshot taken on macOS Mojave of AppCleaner's Preferences under the General tab


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