I downloaded the newest version of iTunes because it said it couldn't update the iPod Touch to 4.2 without it, but after the download I went to update my iPod Touch and iTunes said it couldn't contact the update server. This happened when I downloaded iTunes 9 and tried to update, but I never fixed it. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Can you post the exact error message? Dec 3, 2010 at 2:36

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Is there a error number associated with this error?

Did you check to see if you have an internet connection?

Did you restart your computer?

Did you wait a while and try back later? Apple could be experiencing a downtime when you tried to access their server.

Do you have a firewall on? Is the port open for iTunes?

It could be any number of things...Let me know if this helps!


Would be helpful in narrowing down the cause:

  • Win or Mac OS X?
  • Current version installed? (btw, the latest version is now 4.2.1. A last-minute fix caused the version number to revise)

Things that come to mind off-hand:

  • iTunes version you downloaded is 10.1? (the latest at this moment)
  • Firewall? Antivirus?

Worst case: Use the links from this page, or a page like this, to download the image for the new OS manually and perform a backup-and-restore using the image. WARNING: Not for novices!

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